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  • pEGFP-N1 Information
  • Enhancer dependent expression of human k immunoglobulin genes introduced into mouse pre-B lymphocytes by electroporation- Potter, Weir, Leder
  • Transfection Slides
  • Electroporation for the efficient transfection of mammalian cells with DNA – Chu, Hayakawa, Berg

Stem Cells

  • Sonic hedgehog signaling is decoded by calcium spike activity in the developing spinal cord – Belgacem Borodinsky
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells generated without viral integration – Stadtfeld
  • Induced pluripotent stem cell lines derived from Human somatic cells – Yu
  • Human embryonic stem cells in culture poses primary cilia with hedgehog signaling machinery – Kiprilov, Hirsch
  • Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells from dermal fibroblasts – Lowry, Plath
  • Induction of Pluripotent Stem Cells from Adult Human Fibroblasts by Defined Factors – Takahashi, Yamanaka
  • Generation of germline-competent induced pluripotent stem cells – Okita, Yamanaka

Mat’l Info

  • Info on SSTR-3 antibody


  • Establishment of an Osteocyte-like Cell Line, MLO-Y4- Kato, Bonewald


  • Analyzing primary cilia by multiphoton microscopy- Farnum Donnelly
  • Polarized florescence microscopy of individual and many kinesin motors bound to axonemal microtubules – Peterman, Moerner
  • The Primary Cilium of connective Tissue Cells: Imaging by Multiphoton Microscopy – Donnelly, Farnum
  • Planar polarization of node cells determines the rotational axis of node cilia – Hashimoto, Hamada
  • Live cell imaging of cytoskeletal dynamics in neurons using fluorescence photoactivation – Gauthier, Brandt
  • Super-Resolution Dynamic Imaging of dendritic spines using a low affinity photoconvertible actin probe – Izeddin, Dahan


  • Ciliopathies – Hildebrandt, Katsanis
  • DISC1 regulates primary cilia that display specific dopamine receptors – Marley, Zastrow
  • Insufficiency of BUBR1, a mitotic spindle checkpoint regulator, causes impaired ciliogenesis in vertebrates – Miyamoto, Matsuura
  • Flexural rigidity of Echinoderm sperm flagella – Ishijima, Hiramoto
  • Restricted expression of somotostatin receptor 3 to primary cilia in the pancreatic islets and adenohypophysis of mice – Iwanaga, Takahashi- Iwanaga
  • Isolation of primary cilia for morphological analysis – Huang, LaRusso
  • Beyond 9+0: noncanonical axoneme structures characterize sensory cilia from protists to humans – Gluenz, Gull
  • In vitro effects of taxol on ciliogenesis in quail oviduct – Bouvieux-Ulrich, Sandoz
  • Primary cilia in vertebrate corneal endothelial cells - Collin, Collin
  • Rabs and other small GTPases in ciliary transport – Lim, Tang
  • Primary cilia control telencephalic patterning and morphogenesis via Gli3 proteolytic processing – Besse, Schneider-Manunoury
  • Ciliary transition zone activation of phosphorylated Tctex-1 controls ciliary resorption, S- phase entry and fate of neural progenitors – Li, Sung
  • A role for Tctex-1 in controlling primary cilium length – Palmer, Stephens
  • Nde1 – mediated inhibition of ciliogenesis affects cell cycle re-entry – Kim, Tsiokas
  • Cell shape and contractility regulate ciliogenesis in cell cycle-arrested cells – Pitaval, Thery


  • Lithium treatment elongates primary cilia in mouse brain and in cultured cells – Miyoshi, Asanuma
  • Minerals and Osteoporosis – Rico
  • Bipolar drugs may raise risk of osteoporosis – Goldman
  • Lithium’s effect on bone mineral density – Zamani, Nasab


  • Thermal Fractionation of Outer fiber doublet microtubules into A- and B-subfiber components: A- and B – Tubulin – Stephens
  • Analysis of microtubule rigidity using hydrodynamic flow and thermal fluctuations – Venier, Pantaloni
  • Taxol induced flexibility of microtubules and its reversal by MAP-2 Tau – Dye, Williams Jr
  • Prediction of elastic properties of sperm flagella – Schoutens
  • Structural insights into microtubule doublet interactions in axonemes – Downing, Sui
  • Cyclical interactions between two outer doublet microtubules in split flagellar axonemes – Aoyama, Kamiya
  • Flexural rigidity of singlet microtubules estimated from statistical analysis of their contour lengths and end to end distances – Mizushima –Sugano, Miki-Noumura
  • Motility of triton-demembranated sea urchin sperm flagella during digestion by trypsin – Brokaw, Simonick
  • Microtubule curvatures under perpendicular electric forces reveal a low persistence length – Huevel, Dekker
  • Flexural rigidity of microtubules and actin filaments measured from thermal fluctuations in shape – Gittes, Howard
  • Polyglutamylation and the fleer gene – Pathak, Drummond
  • Dynamic of an anchored elastic filament in stokes flow
  • Mechanochemical model of microtubule structure and self-assembly kinetics – VanBuren, Odde
  • Rigidity of microtubules is increased by stabilizing agents – Mickey, Howard
  • Flexural rigidity of individual microtu ules measured by a buckling force with optical traps – Kikumoto, Tashiro


  • Primary cilium-dependent mechanosensing is mediated by adenylyl cyclase 6 and cyclic AMP in bone cells
  • The role of membrane microdomains in shaping B2-adrenergic receptor- mediated cAMP Dynamics – DiPilato, Zhang
  • Dynamic Visualization of Signaling activities in Living Cells – Allen, Zhang
  • The type 3 adenylyl cyclase is required for novel object learning and extinction of contextual memory: role of cAMP signaling in primary cilia – Wang, Storm

Basal body

  • De novo formation of basal bodies during cellular differentiation of Naegleria gruberi: progress and hypotheses – Lee
  • Centriole/basal body morphogenesis and migration during ciliogenesis in animal cells – Dawe, Gull
  • Regulating the transition from centriole to basal body – Kobayashi, Dynlacht
  • New Tetrahymena basal body protein components identify basal body domain structure – Kilburn, Winey
  • The PCM- basal body/primary cilium coalition – Moser, Rattner

Matl’ info

  • Focalcheck fluorescent Microsphere standards
  • Tubulin tracker green reagent for live cell tubulin labeling (Oregon green 488 taxol, bis-acetate)

Cilia Length

  • Regulation of cilia assembly, disassembly, and length by protein phosphorylation – Cao, Pan
  • Primary Cilia and the Cell Cycle – Plotnikova, Golemis
  • Primary cilia cycle in PtK1 cells: effects of colcemid and taxol on cilia formation and resorption – Jensen, Rieder
  • Mechanisms regulating cilia growth and cilia function in endothelial cells – Abdul-Majeed, Nauli
  • Identification of signaling pathways regulating primary cilium length and flow-mediated adaptation – Besschetnova, Shah
  • Intraflagellar transport particle size scales inversely with flagellar length: revisiting the balance-point length control model – Engel, Marshall


  • Gli2a protein localization reveals a role for Iguana/DZIp1 in primary ciliogenesis and dependence of Hedgehog signal transduction on primary cilia in the zebrafish – kim, Ingham
  • Intraflagellar transport protein 122 antagonizes sonic hedgehog signaling and controls ciliary localization of pathway components – Quin, Eggenschwiler
  • Regulation of bone mass by Wnt signaling – Krishnan, MacDougald
  • The primary cilium as hedgehog signal transduction machine – Goetz, Anderson
  • WNT signaling in osteoblasts regulates expression of the receptor activator of NFkB ligand and inhibits osteoclastogenesis in vitro – Spencer, Genever
  • Activation of the Wnt signaling pathway: a molecular mechanism for lithium action – Hedgepeth, Klein
  • Subcellular spatial regulation of canonical Wnt signaling at the primary cilium – Lancaster, Gleeson
  • LRP5- independent activation of Wnt signaling by lithium chloride increases bone formation and bone mass in mice – Clement-Lacrox, Rawadi

P.Cilia Flow

  • Cilia driven fluid flow as an epigenetic cue for otolith biomineralization on sensory hair cells of the inner ear – Yu, Roy
  • Polycystins 1 and 2 mediate mechanosensation in the primary cilium of kidney cells – Nauli, Zhou
  • Primary cilia sensitize endothelial cells for fluid shear stress – Hierck, Poelman
  • Time dependent deformations in bone cells exposed to fluid flow in vitro: investigating the role of cellular deformation in fluid flow induced signaling – Kwon, Jacobs
  • Effect of flow and stretch on the [Ca] response of principal and intercalated cells in cortical collecting duct – Liu Satlin
  • Primary cilia mediate mechanosensing in bone cells by a calcium-independent mechanism – Malone, Jacobs
  • Microfluidic devices for studies of primary cilium mediated cellular response to dynamic flow conditions – Rydholm, Brismar
  • Removal of the MDCK cell primary cilium abolishes flow sensing – Praetorium, Spring


  • Mechanosensitivity of bone cells to oscillating fluid flow induced shear stress may be modulated by chemotransport – Donahue, Jacobs
  • A microstructurally informed model for the mechanical response of three-dimensional actin networks – Kwon, Jacobs
  • Bending moments and elastic constants in cilia - Rikmenspoel, Sleigh
  • Large deflections of a cantilever beam subjected to a cantilever beam subjected to a rotational distributed loading – Rao, Rao
  • Large deflections of point loaded cantilevers with nonlinear behavior – Monasa
  • Large deflexions of cantilevers by the electronic analogue computer – Khwaja
  • Large and small deflections of a cantilever beam – Belendez, Belendez
  • On the large deflection of Cantilever beams with end rotational load – Rao, Rao
  • Large deflection of cantilever beams Bisshopp, Drucker
  • Large deflections of cantilever beams of nonlinear materials – Lewis, Monasa
  • Large deflections of cantilever beams of nonlinear elastic material under a combined loading – Lee
  • On the curvature of an Euler-Bernoulli beam – Kopmaz, Gundogdu
  • A Hydrodynamic mechanosensory hypothesis for brush border microvilli – Guo, Weinbaum
  • Solving boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations in Matlab with BVP4c – Shampine, Reichelt
  • Mechanical properties of primary cilia regulate the response to fluid flow – Rydholm, Brismar
  • A finite element method for mechanical response for Hair cell ciliary bundles – Cotton, Grant
  • Analysis and modeling of the primary cilium bending response to fluid shear – Schwartz, Bowser
  • Mechanosensory role of primary cilia in vascular hypertension – Nauli, Hierck