Integrases/Excisionases pairs to test

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We will start to test 3 pairs of the serine integrase family. Integrases from this family are interesting because they do not require specific cofactors and have been shown to work in a wide range of species. These 3 pairs are the best characterized members from the family which have an identified excisionase.


From Mycobacterium phage Bxb1.

Uniprot entry:

Bxb1 integrase Bxb1 excisionase


[1], [2], [3].

From Lactococcus lactis phage TP901-1.

Uniprot entries:

TP901-1 integrase TP901-1 excisionase

Structure of the catalytic domain: [3BVP]

References: [4], [5], [6], [7].

From Mycobacterium tuberculosis prophage-like element phiRv1.

Uniprot entries:

phiRV1 integrase phiRV1 excisionase

References: [8], [9]


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[gamma delta resolvase Uniprot]