Individual Journal Week 14

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Electronic Laboratory Notebook

  • Worksheets "network," "network_weights," and "network_thresholds": Transposed Regulation Matrix copied into each of worksheets
  • Worksheet "degradation_rates": SystematicName column added, names found using YEASTRACT. Degradation rates added. HOT1, HMO1, MAL33 rates not found, thus, value "0.027182242" used.
  • Worksheet "production_rates": "SystematicName" and "StandardName" columns copied and pasted. Degradation rates doubled and pasted as Production Rates.
  • Worksheet "log2_concentrations: "SystematicName" and "StandardName" columns copied and pasted. Data from Week 9 used. Average Log Fold Changes values inserted with respect to specific genes and times "15," "30," and "60."
  • Worksheet "concentration_sigmas": standard deviations of specific genes calculated at 15, 30, and 60 by using values from Week 9 assignment. Standard deviation of each set of values calculated on separate sheet.
  • Worksheet "optimization_parameters": unedited
  • Worksheet "Simulation_times": Expression stimulated from 0 to 60 minutes, in 5 minute increments.
  • Worksheet "network_b": Standard names pasted, "threshold" values at 0.000
  • File uploaded to LionShare.

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