In vivo sensors, processors and actuators

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  • I thought this could be an interesting topic to elaborate on and probably more ideas can be pumped in.

Imagine an all-in-one synthesized bacteria (which I would like to think as a Multi-purpose bacteria) that can sense, process and act on something that is unfavourable!

For example, If someone is poisoned, in a nick of time, we can just inject a known amount of bacteria which is biologically synthesized to only act to unfamiliar environment (we can programme what is unfamiliar and familiar environment), into the body, this bacteria can then detect/sense an unfamiliar surrounding that needs attention or immediate response to equilibrate the body to normal again. The bacteria would then swim to the location that most of the poison is situated at and would process itself and so as to act on the poison. Eventually, the bacteria can help to neutralize the effect of the poison or inactivate it. And of course some reporter gene has to be incorporated so we could know what sort if poison is that when they are sent for laboratory testing. This could save lives!!

This application can be used on tumours, toxin, virus and live-threatening diseases