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Resources Introduction

Welcome to the Illinois iGEM Resources page! This is where various resources used for our project research will be posted.

Resources should be organized in a table as shown below:

Name of resource Submitted By: Name
URL of website (should automatically be converted into a hyperlink when you save)
Brief description of resource. Important information and overall usefulness of resource should be included.

To submit a resource, click the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. Simply copy the coding for the above table and replace the name of resource, submitter name, URL, and description fields with the appropriate information.

Thank you for all of your contributions to the Illinois iGEM team project!


Regulatory RNAs in Bacteria Submitted By: David Reif,_Issue_4,_Pages_567-794_(20_February_2009)%23tagged%23Volume%23first%3D136%23Issue%23first%3D4%23date%23(20_February_2009)%23&view=c&_gw=y&wchp=dGLbVzz-zSkzV&md5=66e62bbd843349b3ac86d71acf51f720&ie=/sdarticle.pdf
Up to date article on RNA regulation in Bacteria published in February.

New England Biolabs Web Page Submitted By: Dave Korenchan
A website for New England Biolabs that includes a catalog for ordering restriction endonucleases and other laboratory products, a resource called NEBcutter that tells you what restriction endonucleases will cut your gene/DNA sequence of interest, and a tool called the Double Digest Finder that will tell you how compatible two restriction endonucleases are by comparing what conditions they work best in.

Colibri Submitted By: Dave Korenchan
Contains a complete list of genes in E. coli and their base pair sequences.

The Small RNA Regulators of E. coli: Roles and Mechanisms Submitted By: Dave Korenchan
A document providing information about small RNAs in E. coli

RegTransBase Submitted By: Dave Korenchan
An entire online database of operons, operators, promotors, effectors, etc. Looks like a very promising site for finding parts we need for our genes!

The yeast galactose genetic switch is mediated by the formation of a Gal4p–Gal80p–Gal3p complex Submitted By: Dave Korenchan
Describes the galactose genetic switch in yeast involving Gal4p (transcriptional activator protein), Gal80p (negative regulator of Gal4p), and Gal3p (binds to Gal80p in presence of galactose and ATP so it falls of Gal4p). 1998 article, so old, but hopefully the information is correct.

BioLogic Powerpoint Submitted By: David Reif
This was the updated powerpoint with the new research added. I figured I'd add it here for reference in an easy to find location if you don't have it saved onto your computer.

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