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Jobs Outstanding

Louise - to do list:


  • get in an autoclave engineer - Engineer came out 22nd April am awaiting date for next visit.
  • Get in engineer for validations of autoclave and centrifuge commissioning- in progress
  • Work out costings for workers/users of Biolab
  • move fermentor & control unit to Milton Park - removal is booked at 1pm this Friday
  • Put a sign in cupboard to say NO LAB COATS ALLOWED IN HERE
  • Do RAs and COSHH A in Biolab starting with updating Biolab general room RA, then autoclave RA.
  • Find out about booking system for Biolab
  • Prepare log sheets for Biolab equipment to be used for bookings
  • Chase Matt about ELGA engineer, shaker incubator warranty/service info, same for fermentor - Done
  • Ask Matt about benching for BAM room and Biolab - done this - pending receipt of quotes & authorisation to place order
  • find out about centrifuges, rotors and protein concentrators
  • look into cover to prevent condensation dripping on AKTAs in cold room

For Cameron to do:

  • Follow up what is happening with the trough
    • At the moment, not much.
  • Ask Matt about organising test build of light scattering apparatus to go into Vesta
    • Luke is organising test build of light scattering apparatus