ISISBio:Internal/Group meeting/27-June-08

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Quick recap:

  • samples for ILL experiment in July are ready (except pbRC which CN will do week after next)
  • Michael - think the tagged Mlok1 plasmid has been made. Hope to grow and purify next week.
  • Damian (visitor from Kings) Current status GlpF has been purified from BL21(De3) probably a couple of mgs. DCytB looked less convincing (purified from KRX) - can't see a full length band after nickel column but that might be due to proteolysis - need to check gel. Plan to return week of the 7 July to do large scale growth and purification of GlpF at least, possibly DytB
  • Shubbie starts the same week on expressing and labelling DNA binding protein


  • discussed cylinder and need for storage space. Has been suggested we should tape shut the cupboard but this reduces storage space.
  • no need to virkon liquid samples after the cleared lysate if it's being filtered