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Student Council Symposium IV. Content inventory

This page is an appendix of ISCB-SC:Website page and is related to upcoming Symposium in Toronto, 2008.

This page will hopefully help us track:

  • content we have related to SCS4, and not only text
  • the missing content/articles
  • content authors. assign editors
  • content status: draft, up-to-date, published, outdated
  • delivery due date (deadline)
  • delivery status: link, if integrated into portal

Please create and edit content within the ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4 namespace, e.g. ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:Call_for_papers. We shall discuss the content management procedures on TC right after the SCS4 TC on Sunday, December 16.

Key words for Web and publicity:

  • Directing questions from the users: helpdesk
  • Mainaining wiki for hotel/motel/hostel booking
  • Providing the list of attendees so that any person WILLING to share room could contact them
  • Providing information about Toronto and other social activities: Dos and Donts' for visitors. *Information regarding Visas etcetera
  • Would it be a good idea to link this to ISCBSC forum for users to interact about SCS4?
  • Little introduction about the Arts exhibition

Key responsibilities for maintenance of this page:

  • Prash as Web & Publicity conference committee chair.
  • Alexander as Web Coordination Team leader.

SCS4 Content Inventory Table

Content (source link) Responsible person Status/Comment Deadline ISCBSC Poral link
ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:Logo Normal Nils published [1]
ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:Logo Tiny Nils published [2]
ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:Teaser unassigned/Manuel? published/need corrections? [3]
ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:News July 19st 2007 unassigned published/to archive? [4]
ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:News July 21st 2007 unassigned published/to archive? [5]
ISCB-SC:Website:SCS4:Organizing comittee Lucia draft December 17th, 2007