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About this document

This document is an appendix of ISCB-SC:Website.

WCT team members, please add functional and non-functional requirements from ISCB-SC:Website:Requirements to the comparison table.

We could make a judged decision on CMS software then.

WCT team members responsible for CMS comparison:

  • Alexander
  • Thomas
  • Abhishek
  • (add your name here)

Trial/Evaluation installations


Should we have minimum requirements for the playgrounds? As a basis to test?

  • a forum that uses the same login credential as the login for the web site
  • some basic content, copied from the current iscb site to play with
  • 4 groups of users:
    • anonymous, can only read content
    • authenticated, can post in the forum
    • sc-leader, can add and edit content on the main site
    • admin, can modify all content of the site, can change the layout of the site.

--Thomas Abeel

Comparison Table

Requirement Importance (0--5) Drupal Joomla 1.5 Plone (?)
Granular permissions system 5 yes, full ACL control no, you have different admin levels, but it is level based and except from contributing content you can give very little rights to users.
WYSIWYG content editor 3 yes (both have exactly the same WYSIWYG editors available) yes
Integration with LDAP or other login systems 3 Drupal has it's own centralized login system, but can also work with ldap or openID. LDAP and openID only for Joomla 1.0.x, centralized login support is only commercially available
Exhaustive and concise documentation 5 yes, even more than Joomla yes
SEO optimization out of the box (clean urls, meta tags, keywords, page description, etc.) 3 yes no
Extensive, clean mechanism for extensions 3 yes no
Additional modules (calendar, chat, paper submission, polls, etc. ) 4 yes, plenty and well maintained yes, lots for Joomla 1.0.x, but far less for 1.5.x and not easy to upgrade
Integrated forum 5 yes no
Secure 5++ yes yes, but has some holes that allow the installation of a php shell on your server.
Elected by the ISCB 1 no yes


Other week/strong points not included into the comparison table should be discussed here.

(+Joomla) Joomla 1.5 is the choice of ISCB for the new ISCB portal. With the integration and possible portal merging in the future, I find it a very strong point --Alexander
As you stated on the other pages, merging is not straighforward, even when using the same sofware. Using the same software does not ease the transition, so I do not agree that the ISCB's choice is a strong point. I think we should find out why ISCB picked Joomla. Maybe those reasons are a strong point, but the choice on its own says very little. --Thomas Abeel

(+Joomla) Joomla! 2006 Open Source CMS Award Winner --Alexander
(~Joomla) (~Drupal) This should really be place in perspective. From the website of the company that gave the award: "The final result, as voted for by judges from The Open Source Collective, MySQL, the Eclipse Foundation, and 16,000 users on saw a tie for first place between Joomla! and Drupal. In the event of a tie, a fourth independent judge would be brought in. This was Apoorv Durga who is a member of CM Pros and runs his own blog [1] on portals and content management. This crucial vote ended up with Joomla! triumphing over Drupal by one point." From that I gather that the margin is actually quite small and that we should look at what functionality we need and which CMS offers those features. --Thomas Abeel
I should also mention that 2006 was so far the only year the award was given and the voting process is not transparant. And the company (it is a company, not some big organization) that gave the award is a recently (2004) started publishing company. For the 2007 award, the finalists are Elgg, Drupal, Moodle, LifeType and Wordpress, but Joomla is nowhere to be seen this year.
(-Joomla) (+Drupal) Have a look at some other overviews of the strenghts and weaknesses of both Joomla and Drupal. [2] [3] Using the current list of requirement we really need Drupal for the fine-grained access right alone. --Thomas Abeel

Comparison Results

When comparison table is discussion is complete, WCT should have a voting.

Total votes:

  • Drupal: tbd
  • Joomla 1.5: tbd
  • reserved (Plone): tbd
 CMS selected: tbd