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ISCB-SC:Teleconference systems

How to take part in SC Teleconference?

We usually organize our teleconference using the free conference services (eg: It’s quite easy to take part in the conference.

We have an orgaizer (Parthi or Manuel) who registers the details of parcipants with the free conference service. An invitation is automatically sent to your email address with all details related to partipating in the teleconference.

You may have to dial a telephone number (usually in US OR in your own country). As per the details provided by the automated voice, you’ll have to dial the access code. Then, you have to announce yourselves as soon as you enter and ask for other participants.

When somebody is asking for organizing the teleconference, please *acknowledge* the mail to express your willingness. If you are a new active leader, this is *important*.

In your invitation, you’ll get:

  • The dial-in number & access code
  • The date, start time and end time of the teleconference
  • Subject, Comments/agenda
  • You can click accept to send a reply to the organizer.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You have to make sure the correct DATE and TIME of the teleconference. To convert the time according to your TIMEZONE, Please visit the following website:

Timezone conversions

  • Make sure where you’ll available at the time of teleconference and make arrangements accordingly.
  • You can buy a prepaid telephone card so that it becomes CHEAPER comparing to the actual price of your telephone connection provider. Some links are below to buy telephone cards from internet:

Prepaid calling cards in US:

Prepaid calling cards in Europe:

Phone-based systems

  • Free Conference
    • No problems getting through from the US early in the morning.
    • Good sound quality.
    • Plays nice music while you are they only person in the conference. Almost as good as KEXP.