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Minutes for July 14, 2006

List of Participants

  • Vijaya Parthiban (Organizer)
  • Victor Weigman
  • Venkata Satagopam
  • Saraswathi Sandararajan
  • Nils Gehlenborg (Moderator, Minutes)

SCS-2 related

  • video recording

Decision: Bugdet of $100 for rental, further options still being explored.

  • Plan to contact the Chair for ISMB 2007 in Vienna, Austria (Prof. Thomas Lengauer) or Co-chairs in Brazil and discuss the possibilities.

Decision: Nils will contact them.

  • Social event.

Decision: We will start late, between 7:30pm and 8:00pm given the circumstances.

New members

  • How can we find out?
  • Who will contact them?
  • What can we ask them to do?

Decision: We will ask the BoD to allow us to access membership information. Manuel as the BoD representative should take care of this. We will work out a strong proposal explaining why we need this information before we go ahead with this. On the other end we need to have a system in place that allows us to integrate interested new members quickly into our projects. For the time being we will update the "Welcome" message sent out automatically to new members. Parthi will contact BJ.

Career Development Initiative

  • Current and future directions

Decision: Saraswathi will start a discussion/brain storming of what this should look like either on the wiki and send out an email to either all members or all leadership asking for their ideas.

Outreach / Web content


  • The state of our web resources after a year of development. How to increase page views? What possible additions/deletions should we make?
  • Progress with mail lists to contact people.

BioSysBio 2007

  • plans and update, what can SC get from BSB< what can BSB get from SC?

Idea: The Student Council should collect information about such events as BioSysBio on a world-wide scale and establish connections with the organizers of such events.


  • At least 40 to 50 SC leaders by the end of this year.

Idea: Nils proposed that the SC should grow organically by adding only few leaders at a time that can start working on a specific project right away. Otherwise we might end up in a situation similar to what were are in now - a lot of "leaders" on the paper but hardly anyone who is actively contributing (the trend positive though).

  • Update with SCLeaders. Who should stop receiving SCLeaders emails and who should be included in our updated list?

Decision: Venkata has access to the mailing list (currently about 30 subscribed). He will send out an email to all subscribed "leaders" asking them to reply within one week letting us know if they still can and want to contribute. Everyone who doesn't reply will be removed.