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List of Participants

  • Vijaya Parthiban (Organizer)
  • Nils Gehlenborg (Moderator)
  • Manuel Corpas
  • Sarath Chandra Janga
  • Sanne Abeln
  • Saraswathi Sundararajan
  • Venkata Satagopam
  • Victor Weigman (Minutes)

Minutes - June 26, 2006

SCS2 / ISMB 2006

  • State of the SCS-2. Are we having panel discussion? Publication of abstracts?
  • 'Panel Discussion'
    1. Same type of format as last year, where we had long biionofrmatics people (BoDs) discuss their experience as the field has developed.
    2. Also discussed to have a room at lunch on wednesday or monday, thursday to have a meeting for an informal disucssion
      • This will be free
      • Volunteer to organize (Vic) Getting topics, finding participants, finding room, time, day
      • Email Steven immediately to find open rooms to have this
  • 'Abstract Submission'
    1. Nils is contacting companies about raising money (the list is cleared from Steven)
    2. We can have 10 abstracts for $1500
    3. We need ot raise another $1000
    4. Abstracts can have ONE figure and word limit to 600
  • Strategies for SCS-2 marketing. Translating to Spanish/Portuguese?
    1. Nils is sending out that email to Diana to have her ask her students to come to SCS2
    2. Manuel is wondering about what we can actually offer to these students to get them more interested
  • Strategies for recruiting new SCLeaders @ SCS-2
    1. One thing we should have is a meeting point to go to lunch together, we need to have a meeting point
    2. We need ot have a place where we can post the SC events so people know where to go, maybe a blow up of the flier?
    3. Also, a place to have lunch (on grounds, off grounds, Nils will ask Steven best place)
    4. Would be good to have a few meeting places at the hotels to meet for social events in the evenings.
    5. Maybe we have a Student Council open meeting ot discuss these matters. Maybe have this on Thursday evening
    6. Social Event on Sunday should be a great place for this.
    7. WE can recruit ISCB help when Vic presents for BoDs on day of SCS2 (Manuel will send formal invitation)
  • Activities during ISMB: lunch times, internal SC meetings, SC booth?
    1. Vic has volunteered to contact Steven Leard to find rooms availible for lunchtime meetings or other SC general meeting space

Local / Student Groups

  • We'll include some information in the Q2 newsletter. After the final approval from ISCB BoDs, we'll start marketing aggressively and contact the groups who are already in touch with us.