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Minutes from Teleconference on May 26th, 2006

Called to order at 6:10 pm GMT.

Those in attendace: Manuel, Nils, Parthi, Sarath, Saraswathi, Vic

1. SCS-2

  1. budget
    • current sponsors (REPORT: Vic)
      • -$1100 biomeet profit. What ways are most promising for investing this money to attract more SCLeaders?
    • publication of abstracts (REPORT: Sarath?)
      • -Sarath mentioned looking into the cost of 12 pubs in BMC and would email the group w/ costs
      • -We were wondering whether we would need a minimum number of abstracts to be published in BMC. The prices seem too expensive for publishing the 12 presentations.
      • -Decision that we should allocate $500 for the article publishing and anything else that might be sponsored for this cause, from sources that are additional to current sources
  1. pamphlets (ACTION: prepare pamphlets)
    • other printed materials (agenda, etc.)
      • -$200 maximum for the SCS-2 booklet. Do we need to use SC funds to pay for this? We would ask BJ if she could delegate it and ship it to Brazil for us.
      • -In order to attract more people, we would like to include in the pack of our SCS-2 information, a leaflet that exposes our main achievements and a plan for events for the year 2006/2007 up to ISMB-2007.
    • social event (ACTION: determine organizer)
      • -Vic has volunteered to be event organizer and to speak w/ Steven Leard on areas to meet or finding local guides who may suggest best places to dine
      • -No call yet as to which events should be planned besides SCS2 dinner
      • -Vic suggested that social events during ISMB must be on "hotel row"
      • -An email will be sent out, probably by Vic, to tell people of: activities, locations, prices, day to day agenda of the SCs ISMB activities and social events as they come togehter
  1. 2nd call for abstracts
    • unanimous agreement to do a 2nd call for abstracts
      • -Members have agreed to send 2nd call to thier known groups
        • Vic will contact Biomeet universities
        • Sarath will contact Latin American/Cuba contacts
          • Manuel suggested to translate the call in spanis
        • We will include in the 2nd call a more updated agenda w/ confirmed speakers, discussion of abstract publishing and mention of poster/presentation prizes
    • new deadline: 6/15, 7/1 or even 7/15 (REPORT: Nils; ACTION: determine deadline)
      • -It was decided that we would have June 20th for the oral presentaiton deadline
      • -July 10th would be poster deadline
               o how can we reach brazilian students? (they will benefit most from this)
               o are we going to use the same channels as before? 
         * reaching out to Brazilian students (ACTION: assign this task to someone)
               o how can they help us (besides coming to the symposium)? 
    • videos of talks on the web? (ACTION: decide if worth pursuing)
      • -Agreement to do this given cost is reasonable
      • -Nils to ask Steven Leard if our room has such faciliites
      • -Parthi mentioned of sufficient space on the ISCB-SC website to host
         * misc
               o questionnaire will be required (ACTION: assign task to someone)
               o cafepress merchandise? checkout test store (REPORT: Nils) 
  1. further ISMB activities (REPORT: previous ISMB attendees, ACTION: determine list of activities)
    • panel discussion before 3rd session? (REPORT: Manuel, Nils; ACTION: decide if we are going to do this)
      • -Nils proposed the possibility of including a panel discussion where a topic exclusively relevant for students would be analysed. This could add some more specific interest tailored to students, and thus make the SCS-2 more attractive
         * booth?
         * meeting point for students?
         * lunchtime meetings?
         * will we have company representatives available?