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Drafts Proposed by Nils Gehlenborg

Please DO NOT USE these images for websites etc.. These images are DRAFTS and not final.

About the logo: The central aspect of the logo is the network or star in the center. If seen as a network the logo symbolizes the interactions between individuals (small nodes) from different parts of the world that become possible through the Student Council Symposium (large center node). If seen as a star the logo symbolizes the bright future the Student Council Symposium is promising to delegates.
My goal was to create a logo that can be reused over the next few years to show the community that the symposium has become a permanent fixture among the international bioinformatics events.

Note: The final version of the logo will be cleaned up (size of the nodes of the network will be adjusted, style of the edges will be reworked as well). The lighter color of the ISCB Student Council logo might change in order to make it easier to read when the logo is small.