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  • Understand that the survey was to see on what users would want from their IHD feedback

Q253 Rank

  • Understood everything was used for the same amount of time
    • But had to reminded that everything ran for 10 minutes after told to think outloud
  • Assumed that things that generated heat to be more energy intensive
  • Says he doesn't know much about the ranking or how much things use in general

Q319/827 Cost/Use

  • Didn't know that the cost question was asking about cost to the utility
  • Had a good sense of when electricity was used most during the day
    • Understood when that people slept between 2 am and 8 am so usage would be less
    • People are driving to work and everything is starting in the morning so not much is used then

Q257 Cost of kWh

  • Remove back button
  • $.08, calculated by bill $70 dollars in 30 days and then hours


  • Thought water heater was a small room heater
  • Answer would change if he knew it was something used to heat water for a large living space

IHD Simulation ($ by appliance)

  • Didn't realize how small the values were for fridge and freezer
  • Asked whether freezers were more efficient
  • Asked whether outdoor lights were typically brighter
  • Looked at appliances where he made the most assumptions
    • Time he personally used appliances to get a sense of the $
    • Got a sense of how much each appliance used at a fixed time and changed temperature

Q296 10% reduction

  • Had parent's house in mind, not the Smith's house
  • Did not know about cooking appliances and how they would factor into the reduction
  • Thought of strategies where it looked like it would make the largest change in usage based on the simulation
  • Didn't spend much time on it

Q862 Ranking

  • Electric oven
    • Clarified it wasn't the convection oven
    • Needed picture
  • Forgot that things ran for the same time


  • Changed answer to $0.45 because of the Smith's monthly usage figure
  • Explained that the first estimate he used his mental model of his apartment usage
  • Second time around he used the Smith's house and with a household size of greater than one
  • Thought that the this was a fixed cost that was multiplied by variable usage

Q359 WTP

  • Bill doesn't go over $60, so not willing to pay more than that
  • WTP $60-$70
  • People can't conceptualize how much they'll save from a baseline of usage
  • Don't realize that the amount of savings from reductions is going to decay

Q874 Expected savings

  • $25, ball park estimate


  1. Trying to understand ppl's knowledge of their energy use
  2. Testing education software or program to inform people and help them plan
  3. Brainstorming before releasing a device; still in developmental stages