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Q242/38 Intro

  • Help consumers w/ electricity use in the home
  • Display is showing information about electricity usage
  • Had to look at the screen


  • Based on experience, the clothes dryer and washer use the most
  • Coolants probably make refrigerator and freezer use more than the microwave
  • After asking him what time frame he was using to determine these answers, he then realized the question asked for 10 min of use
  • Changed his answers after realizing the time frame
  • Chose random numbers for the appliances he didn't know


  • Initially thought that the company charges a higher premium when more people are using electricity
  • Ranked $ for utility she same as time of day electricity is used the most


  • Electric power is kW, so not kW. Maybe HP
  • No idea what power rating meant


  • My electricity bill is around $20
  • Most things in my house say Watts, so that means that the cost of a kWh is around $20


  • The time frame is not clear, so it's hard for me to rank these for sure

Q304 IHD Intro

  • When asked what the intro was about, he had to re-read it to explain it to me
  • Looked like he was rushing through the intro and skimmed through the text really fast

Q922 IHD Sim ($ by appliance)

  • First impression was that it was overly complicated
  • Did not like the $ cost now
  • Thought that the simulation was a bit too difficult for the lay-person to understand
  • He wanted to make the hours column differentiate whether it was talking about hours per day week or month
  • No particular strategy, just turned things on and off and ran them according to how much he'd use them in a day
  • Stated there is a bug with the hours to run and the $total cost, doesn’t show change when you click up or down hours to run. **He might have left the appliance off, then tried to change the hours to run
  • Suggested that we remove on and off switches to simplify the IHD

Q296 10%

  • Turn off the indoor lights
  • Only listed things you can eliminate that’s the easiest to cope with
  • Said that did not use anything from the simulation
  • Get rid of freezer if you already have a freezer with the fridge

Q862 Rank

  • Asked whether we were checking to see if his answers are consistent
  • Adjusted the ranking of the freezer from the simulation
  • Suggested change: we're going to ask you the same set of questions your answer may or may not have changed


  • Did not know how his answer would change "no clue how to answer"

Q870/871 electrical energy and amount of energy

  • Same as before


  • $40 for a kWh
  • The simulation led him to believe electricity was actually more expensive than he anticipated, so he thought it'd be double his original estimate

Q300 general suggestions

  • Suggested that we place this question right after the simulation because now he can't remember
  • Remove text boxes, misleading the participant to believe they can change the output of the simulation
  • Add time context (hour/day etc)

Q352 Helpfulness

  • Somewhat, "on either side of the boat"

Q363 Reduction

  • 10%, said it was "low"
  • It was low because it just re-affirmed his hunches
    • I think this is what is going to happen, people will learn which appliance might or might not use more than they thought would use, but wouldn’t know how to proceed from there
  • Seemed frustrated and rushed starting from the general suggestions questions, kept on saying "and I'm done!" every time he clicked next

Hypothesis guess: see how effective the simulation was or if people would want to use it. Tested aesthetics and utilizations