IHD simulation - P004

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  • Understood the intro and that these displays can show us how we use electricity


  • Did not understand what a hot water heater was (had to explain that’s how you get hot water in your sink and shower)
  • Understood what the question was asking

Cost of Electricity Utility TOD

  • Looked confused and crossed his arms when reading the question
  • Interpreted the question as when people use the most electricity

Electricity Use TOD

  • After seeing this question he realized that he might have confused the last one with this
  • But he still had the same reasoning for when it costs the utility company the most to provide electricity

Q about electricity

  • Was able to explain what Volts were
  • Also able to explain units of electricity


  • Power rating was explained as “usage of energy for a particular appliance”
  • Knew it related to the previous question
  • But did not understand that you had to multiply by the time used (he chose divide)


  • $50
  • Confused with the electricity bill total

Q824 Energy Saving Ranking

  • At first wanted to break it up into two categories, but then changed his mind
  • Was not implicit that if you line dry clothes for 5 mo, you’re saving the electricity that would have been used to dry clothes
  • He was thinking that you wouldn’t save much because you don’t plug anything in to line dry to begin with

Q304 IHD intro

  • Understood that the intro was talking about the Smith’s house
  • Did not get that the outside temperature was 85 degrees and thought that was the temperature the Smith’s liked to have indoors

Q918 IHD simulation ($ bottom)

  • Very meticulous when testing out each appliance
  • Measured everything in 15 min intervals
  • Saw how much the $ increased by going through each appliance
  • Was extremely surprised when he found out hot water heater and clothes dryer used a lot of energy
  • Figured out that for each 15 min you dry clothes, you add on $.10 to your electricity bill
  • Did that for each appliance
  • Kept the AC at 85 degrees because that’s what he thought the Smith’s intro scenario told him to do

Q296 Electricity knowledge

  • Utilized the dollar amounts he figured out from the simulation to give strategies on how to reduce
  • However it was not specific to the Smith’s budget, rather he gave answers based on what he learned used the most

Q862 Ranking electricity use

  • “My answers are definitely different from before”
  • Used the costs he figured out to rank them, however he didn’t use paper or write down any of his calculations
  • Still didn’t think that the AC uses a lot because he didn’t see much price increase at 85 degrees when running for different time periods

Q363 Predicted reduction

  • Instantaneous cost will allow a person to see the usage right now and make split decisions
  • Wanted information by appliance and by cost, didn’t think kWh would be useful

Q316 Home Appliances

  • Make sure to add N/A to type of power source in the case that they don’t have one at all

Hypothesis guess: 1) make people more aware of energy saving and how we use electricity; 2) compare usage through adjustment of features; 3) find out where to slash the budget