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  • Did not get eh question because he was ranking question as if it was about his own usage and not objectively with the 10 min usage time frame

Q868 / 869 Cost of electricity

  • Gave an answer about when people used the most rather than how much it costs the utility to provide electricity
  • Realized that his answer to the last question was the one to this question “I guess it’s a similar one”


  • Did not really understand what the units of electrical energy were
  • Did not understand what power rating means
  • Did not know that you pay a certain price for each kWh used
  • Tried to clarify to him that the concept was similar to filling up a tank of gas and that you pay an amount per gallon that you fill up
  • “I use about $100 a month, I don’t get if this question is asking about an hour”

Q873 Ranking questions

  • 72-69 would not be energy saving action if this was done in the summer

Q304 IHD Intro

  • Don’t know why you had to turn on and off the appliances and didn’t get it was referring to the simulation on the next page
  • Understood that the scenario was talking about the Smith’s family but didn’t get the description on the bottom paragraph. “What do I turn on and off and where do I do these actions?”

Q924 IHD simulation

  • Did not know he needed to turn on and off each appliance
  • Instead of turning on and off appliances to learn about usage in general, he only turned on the appliances he had in his own home
  • Clicked reset all in the middle and then once the simulation reloaded he decided to click next

Q296 Electricity knowledge 10% reduction

  • Just reiterated the energy saving ranking question statements
  • Did not use any of the information from the simulation nor was he even thinking about the Smith’s family
  • 10% reduction for him was not about the Smith’s electricity budget, but rather his own

Q873 Energy savings ranking

  • Did not seem to realize that we asked this question before and used the same strategies when he was thinking out loud
    • Idea: we can try to make the energy saving ranking questions so that they reflect the same appliances that is displayed on the IHD simulation

Q872 Cost of a kWh

  • “Since the smith’s pay around an avrg of $150, so maybe the cost of a kWh is $150”

Q300 General Suggestions

  • “I don’t understand this question, is it asking whether we want to add pictures to the simulation?”
  • Suggested that we have a picture of a house and the simulation shows where in the house energy is used the most

Q352 Helpfulness

  • Good that you can find out which appliance uses the most and I can go to best buy to get new appliances
  • It would be very helpful because I can see which parts of my house is using the most electricity
  • Based his answers on the feature he presented in the general suggestions question

Q363 Reduction

  • Ball park guess

Q410 Predicted Reduction by In-Home Displays

  • Thought the most important information was kWh
  • Did not understand instantaneous cost of electricity
  • Thought the least helpful information was combination of feedback
  • When asked to re-iterate he just replied I don’t think some of the other information would be useful

Q359 WTP

  • Came up with this price by comparing the cost of installing an ADT security system at home
  • He explained it would probably require the same amount of effort by a company to install something like this
  • He said if there was a warrantee, he’d be willing to pay $50

Q874 Expected Savings

  • $10 month
  • Now he used an expected savings assuming his bill was $150 like the smith’s house

Note: need to remove back button from boilerpoint questions before launch Hypothesis guess: the aim is to reduce coal and pollution, and to help people find ways to reduce electricity