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  • Asked whether the refrigerator door was open for 10 minutes
  • Ranked appliances based on his experiences and usage rather than objectively
  • His answers were generic rather than calculated

Q319 TOD utility

  • Did not get the question
  • Explained that the utility company has to deliver electricity to people and it is more expensive at some times of the day compared to other
  • Stated the concept that the more people demanding electricity, it must mean that is more expensive to provide
  • 12-2pm is “brutal” because most people would be up and using electricity

Q827 TOD usage

  • Thought that people would be using the most from 8pm – 2pm, which contradicts his answer from the previous question


  • Did not know the answer but understood that it was supposed to measure usage
  • Answered kWh because the question on the bottom of the page uses the metric kWh (added a page break so that they don’t see this question while answering)


  • Did not know what power rating was
  • Was not sure what this question was asking


  • Did not understand that people pay a certain amount per kWh, thought it was asking about the monthly bill and divided it by number of days in a month
  • $50 / 30 days

Q304 IHD Intro

  • Thought the bottom of the page was a little confusing because he didn’t know where to change the settings of things

Q924 IHD simulation (kWh and $ by appliance)

  • After the simulation loaded, he was not sure what to do and asked me what he was supposed to be doing
  • Only after I told him to play around with it he started to try different things out
  • While thinking out loud, he was playing around with the simulation as if it was for his own home rather than the Smiths
  • Ran the number of hours based on his own usage
  • Used phrases like, “this is expensive,” “this uses the most,” “I’m not doing that bad,” “I’m only using 22 kWh so they’ll be alright”
  • Didn’t grasp the concept that the monthly budget was for usage for an entire month and assumed that what was displayed on the simulation was going to be the total bill

Q862 Usage ranking

  • Did not refer back to the simulation or any information that he learned from before for anything but electric hot water heater and the AC “I remember that the EWH was up there”
  • Said, “lights might use a lot because they’re on all the time”

Q872 Cost of kWh

  • “I remember that it came out to be $2, and I used 22 kWh. Is the cost of a kWh $.10?”
  • Was not confident in his math skills and guessed $1

Q300 General suggestions

  • Maybe add a computer


  • Instantaneous cost of electricity shows you cost of electricity second by second

Q357 Learning

  • Learned about specific appliances


  • $5 or $15?
  • I don’t know how much I would really save because I don’t use much to begin with


  • Ball park guess saving $20 per month
  • When asked to elaborate, he could not