IGEM Outreach: Template for Creating a Communications Plan Plus an Example

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When planning a larger-scale outreach event, such as a large workshop that will require quite a bit of funding or planning an event with external participants it is critical to remain organized. You will most likely be meeting many different people- many of them could be sponsors, others could be stakeholders, but the point is, is that they are important people.

Therefore you should make sure you know exactly what you are doing, have clear, defined objectives, key messages and tactics to facilitate your message. That is why we have created an easy to fill out Communications Plan Template. This will help you do the much needed pre-work when planning an event of such a large scale. It will ask you the right questions and is purposefully meant to make you think about what exactly you are trying to do.

It may seem like it is not necessary, but once you do this you will find that everything else falls into place, including organization and marketing as you all have a clear, defined objective and higher purpose

Downloadable Material

Communications Plan Template

Example of a Communications Plan: BioTalks Open Panel Discussion