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CommunityBricks is an attempt to change the way that we do outreach and address human practices at iGEM. By creating an open source community of lesson plans and activity protocols, we hope to stimulate deeper, more engaging experiences for both sides of the exchange. Listed on this site, you will find tools to present synthetic biology to those who have never heard of it, plans and presentations to give stimulating recruitment talks at high schools, and thoughtful considerations of bioethics and the roles it should play in our future.

We are tired of giving friends five-minute surveys and calling it “Outreach.” We hope that you are, too. Let's set a new standard for how we do outreach, something that we will be proud of. The caliber of lab work presented at the Jamboree is a source of great pride for advisors and teams; let us seek to match that same quality in every field we do.

Granted, building a lesson plan or organizing an activity is more work than just typing up a survey, but harnessing community support for synthetic biology may actually make our lives easier in the long run. So, as you start thinking about your team's outreach plans, take a few minutes to peruse the growing content on this site to see what you can easily do. Try it out, and tell everyone else how it goes. And if you have ideas of your own, post your stellar outreach plans and share them with everyone!