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1. We took the plates from incubation. Results were very good as we expected:) The phenotype was evident by the development of a halo because of the secreted lipase. We have seen the lipase activity in these plates.

2. We add tributyrin into our proteins which were put into - 20 C on 01.10.2009.

We measured the lipase activity with spectrophotometer , at 42 °C and absorbance at 420nm for 20 minutes.

We made this protocol for two of them. That is, we measured tubes which are containing ABC transporter and also not containing ABC transporter. The results were compared.

3. We have focused on paper search about oxygen promoter tests.

4. E.coli storage to -80.

5. Digestion and enzyme inactivation and looking at the digestion products by agarose gel.The results are not as we expected.

6. Searching for xanthine oxidase which digests cytocrome c also used as oxygen indicator.