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Copper Growth Assay Work Continues

  • As the growth assay of 6/11 showed uniformly poor growth even at the lowest copper concentrations, redid it with care not to let the liquid cultures overgrow, a possible source of the cultures' previous poor performance.
  • In redoing plate assay, changed copper concentration line-up slightly, eliminating 1.25 mM and 2.5 mM trials to allow room for the control concentrations, 0 and 1 M, and only worked with high because there was no real distinction in the three different OD trials done on 6/10. For simplicity, future assays will only use one starting OD (0.075) per strain.
  • Noticed that DH5alpha liquid culture grown up for plate assay grew at a rate much slower than than of LE392.

Results and Conclusions

  • Negative readings for the 4 mM samples suggest that there was some sort of irregularity with the blank solution, so will disregard those results.

This day's work is also recorded on pages 8-10 of the lab notebook hard copy.