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Expect synthetic DNA from GENEART for melanin project

  • Making Minimal Medium:
    • Add 495mL of distilled water to 3.0g Na2HPO4, 1.5g KH2PO4, 0.25g NaCl, 0.5g NH4Cl
    • Repeat above step in another flask with the addition of 7g of agar
    • Adjust pH to 7.4
    • Autoclave at 121oC
    • Add 3.02g MgSO4 powder to 25mL of water to make 1M solution
    • Add 8g glucose to 32mL water
    • Autoclave
    • Add 1.0mL 1M MgSO4 solution to broth and to agar solutions
    • Add 5.0mL of 20% glucose solution to broth and agar solutions
    • After cooling, pour agar solution into plates

Extracting and plating K12 Cells:

    • Extract K12 cells from glass vial by heating the tip over a bunson burner flame then cold shocking it
    • Incubate tube and plates at 37oC for 24hr