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Things to accomplish

  1. Finalize cellulase biobrick (George)
  2. Further investigation of butanol tolerance genes (George)
  3. Research GCMS methods and protocols (Kevin)
  4. Finish July 26th presentation (Amy)
  5. Finish website (Ranjan)
  6. Order DNA for bottom system (Ranjan)

Things accomplished

  1. Get a quote for the bottom system (Ranjan)
  2. Get a quote for the proteorhodopsin system (Ranjan)
  3. Get a quote for the top system (Ranjan)
  4. Organize wikis (George)
  5. Look into buying E. coli K-12 (Kevin)
  6. Develop butanol biosynthesis page on the iGEM wiki (Emre)
  7. Develop bacterial melanogenesis page on the iGEM wiki (Amy)
  8. Continue research on interfacing with E. coli natural metabolism (Emre and Kevin)