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  • Paper Presentations (10:00am)
  1. A.S.: Selective chemotaxis
  2. R.K.: Siderophore review & proposal

  • Experimental Work (11:00am)
  1. E.R.: Innoculate LB broth with single colony from 6/6/07 plating
  2. K.H.: Gathering lab supplies
Making LB broth mixture for miniprep and glycerol:
  1. Pick a single colony with inoculating loop
  2. Add to 5mL of LB broth (containing 5μg/ml Amp) and grow  ~18 hours @ 37C
  3. Use the resulting culture to miniprep the DNA and make your own glycerol stock

ERuhi 21:38, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Group Meeting #3 (3:00pm)