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11:00 AM

At this point, we ran a gradient PCR of Pal and one ArsR sample. It didn't work at all - no bands on the gel, except the ladder. The extension time was 1 minute with 30 cycles. 95 - 2min (95 - 30sec; 55ish - 30sec; 72 - 1min | 30x) 72 - 1 min 4 - hold

Rxn Mixture Component ul 7x MM
10x Buffer 4 28
10mM dNTP 1t 37
Template (686ng/ul colony boil of E. Coli .8ul 5.6
10uM F Primer 4 --
10uM R Primer 4 --
Pfu Turbo DNA Pol .4 2.8
H2O 25.8 224


1 PAL Annealing Temp - 47C
2 PAL Annealing Temp - 50C
3 PAL Annealing Temp - 52C
4 PAL Annealing Temp - 55C
5 ArsR Annealing Temp - 55C
6 Neg Control - H20 instead of Primers - 55C

Run at 100V for 30min - No Bands (except the ladder)

12:00 PM

Gel of Digests

Lane Sample Amount
2 ArsR digest 35 ul sample, 7 ul dye
8-10 pSB1A2 Digest 35 ul sample, 7 ul dye
6 1 Kb Ladder 1 ul

Run at 90V

UIUC 7.6.10 arsR pSB1A2 digest.jpg


Ingredient Amount Mastermix (9 reactions)
10X buffer 4 ul 36 ul
10mM dNTPs 1 ul 9 ul
Template .8 ul (500 ng) 7.2 ul
F Primer 4 ul individually added to each reaction
R Primer 4 ul individually added to each reaction
Polymerase .4 ul 3.6 ul
H2O 25.8 ul 232.2 ul

Each reaction gets 32 ul mastermix, 4 ul of each primer.



ArsR R RFC10

ArsR F RFC10 EcoRI


1. PAL47°C

2. PAL50°C

3. PAL52°C

4. PAL55°C

5. PAL60°C

6. PAL60°C

7. negative control, no primers


95°C 2 min
95°C 30 sec
Gradient 30 sec
72°C 1 min
go to step 2 31X
72°C 5 min
hold at 4°C

2:40 PM

Band extraction of pSB1A2 from gel

3:15 PM

re-streaked e. Coli from yesterday for 2nd overnight for colony boils.

7:00 PM

Put transformations from 7/6 12am - Erin into 4C room - No Colonies

Everyday is a Monday in the life of Erin

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