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  • Papers for Brandon and Ahad's project proposal
  1. Energetics of peptide insertion
  2. Toxins Application
  3. Translocation of pHLIP
  4. Tumor Targeting

Degradation of organophosphates

  1. Proposal for organophosphate project--pending updates

Organophosphate hydrolase

  1. Mulbry, Identification of OPD gene
  2. Grimsley et al, Organophosphate Hydrolase
  3. Richens, et al, Surface-expressed organophosphate hydrolase in E. coli

PNP Degradation

  1. Spain, Review of biodegradation of Nitro-compounds
  2. Perry et al, PNP gene cluster in Arthrobacter
  3. Mattozzi, et al, Mineralization and Utilization of Paraoxon in a designed catabolic pathway
  4. PNP operon presentation By Professor J. Keasling, Berkeley
  5. Walker, et al, Utiliztion of Parathion as a carbon source

Surface display

  1. Takayama et al, Surface display of OPH
  2. Wu, et al, Microbial surface display for bioremediation
  3. Richens, et al, Surface-expressed organophosphate hydrolase in E. coli


  1. Schofield et al, Yeast OPH promoters.
  2. Supplemental file, Schofield et al

PCR-mediated gene disruption/modification in yeast

  1. Longtine et al, Yeast (1998)
  2. Wach et al, Yeast (1997)

Surface display systems in yeast

  1. Colby et al, Methods in Enzymology (2004)
  2. Boder et al, Methods in Enzymology (2000)
  3. Chao et al, Nature Protocol (2006)
  4. Chao et al, supplement 1
  5. Chao et al, supplement 3

Yeast Vector Info

  1. 2µm vectors (pRS420 series)
  2. CEN/Integration vectors (pRS300 series)


  1. LiAc Transformation of Yeast
  2. Transformation of bacteria
  3. Kan plates for yeast
  4. Freezing down yeast/bacteria
  5. Kushnirov(2000):yeast protein extraction protocol
  6. protein extraction protocol from Methods in Yeast Genetics
  7. Yeast genomic DNA prep