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May 20th, 2010

  • 6th June Logo must be finished.
  • Mr.Gene in facebook. Like.


  • Protocols for Luciferase Light quantification.
  • Probably we´ll get TrpLp by genomic DNA from K12, Luciferase by PCR.
  • Probably EnvZ mutant could be in Insituto de Biotecnología.


  • Get Luciferase to mutate and blue promoter.


  • We use in parameters for Luciferin just:

Δ[Luciferina]=½*F(R(), [Luc]) - R([Luc],[Luciferin])- D([Luciferin]). Formula.

Where: R= Luciferase Reaction



We will get the data of Kms & Kcats, and finalize the Luciferin Model.


  • Deadline. Theoretical framework for wiki 8th June.
  • The orders of strains are done.
  • Primers for Lux AB in Vibrio Fischery.