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13th may 2010


Extraction of genomic DNA for blue promoter is done, but we don´t have amplified.

Goals for next week

  • Search different copy number plasmid, with compatibility criteria.
  • Make a ligation between GFP-Reporter with plasmid.
  • Make primers to get Lux AB genes from Vibrio Fischery.
  • Think about extraction of Lux CDE looking in registry parts how they made it.
  • Make ligation for promoter and double terminator.
  • Get Luciferase, get mutant and clone it.
  • Primers used for blue promoter: BBa_K238013


We´ve got the primary function for activity of Luciferase and concentration of cytosolic Luciferin.

Goals for next week

  • Finish modeling of Luciferase activity.
  • Start modeling of blue receptor.

Required data

  • We need to determinate promoter strength for Luciferase with experimental data. To do that we

propose, an association between promoter and quantity of reporter. Search protocols with measure about light and concentration.

TRpR → aλ[P1]

Promoter of Blue receptor → bλ[P2]

Where λ is light. Ps, concentrations.

  • Search buffer for best activity of Luciferase.


  • Everything must be in OpenWetWare before 7th June 2010.
  • Project information for wiki. History, Evolution, Basic physics concepts and mechanisms.
  • We are waiting for response in orders of bio-parts and else.
  • We propose an activity for Human practice.