IGEM:UC Berkeley/2006/Rlambda

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-Start with saturated culture
-Wash out all antibiotics

 1. pour 1 mL of culture into 1.5 mL eppendorf tube
 2. spin (10 sec. at full speed)
 3. dump out residue
 4. pipette 1 mL of LB 
 5. resuspend (by vortexing)
 6. spin (10 sec. at full speed)
 7. dump out residue
 8. pipette 1mL of LB 
 9. resuspend (by vortexing)

-Do conjugation on media where both cultures can grow

 1. use sterile tweezers to put white filter paper (shiny side up) onto plate
 2. pipette 50 mL of culture onto the filter paper
 3. smear culture evenly on the filter paper
 4. let dry
 5. incubate

--Jenlu 17:29, 26 June 2006 (EDT)