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Team three

Coming from various departments of Tianjin University, which is famous for precise attitude in researching, we formed this vigorous team three months ago. Albeit we have different background in university, there is one thing in common, that is, great interests in synthesis biology and eager to build a genetically engineered machine by ourselves. We know exactly how difficult it will be. However, we have a lot of confidence, because we believe in ‘attitude is everything’, and every problems will be solved with our zest.


  • Graduate students:

Lin Liu, PHD student in Laboratory of Biochemical Reaction Engineering
Lijuan Ma, PHD student in Laboratory of Biochemical Reaction Engineering
Jingyu Wang, PHD student in Laboratory of Molecule and Cell Biology

  • Undergraduate students:

Wei Zhu, major in Biochemical Engineering
Zhe Liu, major in Biochemical Engineering
Luo Ji, major in Biochemical Engineering
Zhe Chen, major in Biochemical Engineering
Yanran Li, major in Molecular Science and Engineering
Chao Huang, major in Pharmaceutical Engineering
Shan Li, major in Biochemical Engineering
Sha Liu, major in Biochemical Engineering

  • Mentor:

Professor Jianping Wen

Lab and funding

Professor Jianping Wen and Yingjin Yuan are very interested in our ideas, and suggest that they will provide us everything we need in both experiment and simulation.


Ever since the first discussion among our three teams on Jan. 23rd, we have learned a lot about the synthesis biology and have discussed a lot about our own project. Meanwhile, we at times invited the other two teams to have some discussion so that we would both obtain process. Up till now, ample preparation has been made in both experimentation and simulation. We are apoise to face the future challenge, and we have confidence to smile in the end of the 2007 iGEM.


The following is the contact of the iGEM TJU 2007 team. Your suggestions will be expected and appreciated.
Room 108, 20 Building, Tianjin University Tianjin, P.R.China (300072)