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“iGEM 2007 Teach the teachers”─ An Upcoming Workshop at Tianjin University

Everyone interested in the future of biology should be paying attention to what Chinese students and teachers are up to. After the first workshop was successfully held in April at Tianjin University focusing on the theme Synthetic Biology on the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, the second one is on its way, whose topic is “Teach the Teachers”. Again, the workshop will be guided and teachers in China will be taught by Professor Randy Rettberg and Tom Knight from MIT group. At that time, there will be teachers as well as students from more namable universities (about 20) in China coming for advanced knowledge and technology. Undoubtedly, the “Teach the Teachers” workshop will provide enterprises with a superexcellent access to this rising head of future biology and techniques, for probably they can dig out profits from them.

I'll bet there will be an enormous demand by teachers and students to learn concepts and techniques in Synthetic Biology. The resulting profusion of skills and new parts, which will presumably become Biobricks, is not only going to make the future more interesting, but will impulse modern biological industries to a great extent.

Then, what do you hesitate? Come on and join us, at Tianjin University! The Teach the Teachers Workshop is waiting for you!