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The members of Citadel iGEM extend their warmest thanks to the following people. Citadel iGEM wouldn't have been a reality without your support!

  • A tremendous deal of thanks are afforded to the The Citadel's Department of Biology, which was not expecting to form this team, and which rose to the occasion magnificently:
    • Paul Rosenblum
    • Claudia Rocha
    • Dave Donnell
    • Kristy Johnson
    • Kathy Zanin
    • John Zardus
    • Lynn Clark

  • We thank many member of The Citadel's Department of English, for supporting the team's formation and for editing our promotional pamphlet:
    • Michael Livingston
    • Sean Heuston

  • We thank members of The Citadel's Senior Staff, for recognizing our potential and for bringing this amazing competition to our school:
    • Sue Mitchell
    • Sam Hines
    • John Rosa
    • Charles Groetsch

  • Thanks go out to Shawn ---- of Brigham Young University, for encouraging the formation of the team even before it was even a speck on the horizon.

  • We'd like to thank Emma Jones of the Foundation for International Education, for her advice on graphic design software.