IGEM:The Citadel/Notebook/Notes Brian/07-16-10

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  • Hunter Miniprepped the first list of MIT parts
  • Made glycerol stocks of the first list of MIT parts and placed them in the -80 fridge
  • The tube from P1010 broke while in the incubator
  • We did not add any antibiotic resistance to the overnight cultures - which we mini preped today...meanig that since P1010 broke there could be anything in it

  • Recieved Parts from MIT - That were Minipreped and Glycerol stocks were made on 7.16.10
    • BBa_I746375
    • BBa_I746374
    • BBa_I746371
    • BBa_I746370
    • BBa_I746380
    • BBa_I746382
    • BBa_I746384
    • BBa_I746391
    • BBa_i746392
    • BBA_I746381
    • BBA_I746394
    • BBa_I746395
    • BBa_P1010
  • Put transformants in at 12:15pm and took them out at 1:15pm