IGEM:The Citadel/Notebook/Notes Brian/06-23-10

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  • Re-suspended parts:
    • BBa_J23102
    • BBa_R0062
    • BBa_F2620
    • BBa_R0040
    • BBa_R0063
    • BBa_B0015
    • BBa_C0160
    • BBa_J45200
    • BBa_E0240
    • BBa_F1610
    • BBa_I20260
    • BBa_I13521
    • BBa_J45120
  • Transformed all parts listed above (electroporation) into TOP10 E.coli.
  • Plated 11 part-exposed colonies (100 mL undiluted) onto LB-Amp plates. (I will finish with the remaining 3 tomorrow at 8am and then perform secondary/diluted plates as necessary.)
  • Worked with Patrick (haha) on making an open document of all Biobrick DNA currently in use by Citadel iGEM.
  • Made LB-Amp plates (38 count).
  • Made 2 500mL flasks of LB Miller agar (left in bath overnight since the remaining Ampicillin is in one of the -20°C freezers in Dr. Donnell's [locked] lab.)