IGEM:The Citadel/Notebook/20 April 2010

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Homework to Do Before the Meeting

  • Research your area of iGEM

On the Agenda

  • Get John and Edelson registered on OWW
  • Finish mindmapping
  • Decide on favorite iGEM ideas
  • Talk about recruitment. Do we want any more? Less?
    • Goal: 10 undergrad, 2 grad; talk to CofC, MUSC, Trident, highs (Porter Gaud, Bishop England, Academic Magnate, Wando, St. Joe's), Chem. and EE Depts.
  • Explain team commitments and expectations to everyone
  • In depth planning for May Training Session
    • Who can attend? When do we want to do it? Etc.
  • Summer conflicts list. Get it together and keep it current.

Meeting Notes

Coming soon!

Things to do Soon

  • Hold meeting with Dr. Rosenblum and Dean Groetsch and Mr. Yeager
  • Look for sponsorship
    • Jonh's Biotech in FL
    • Connections to Fischer Scientific (Dr. R mentioned this)
    • The Provost talked about an alum in Seattle who had set up an bioinformatics startup.
    • Oil Sands Initiative
    • Local biotech (e.g. Genphar)