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From the Meeting on April 1st, 2010

Brainstorming Project Ideas

  • Genetic memory (look to Endy Lab, and there have been numerous iGEM projects around this concept)
  • Optimizing nitrogen-cycle bacteria for agriculture in third-world countries
  • Biofilm degradation and a solution to the problems of biofouling
  • Synchronized action using quorum sensing (look to this paper)
  • Myostatin-inhibition
  • Carbon sequestration (done by some extremophiles)
    • This site is worth starting at. And this paper might be interesting read. Be warned though, it's not easy.
  • Malaria and sickle cell anemia. Solutions?
  • Mercury bio-remediation (in marine animals)
  • Drug addiction relief and recovery. Buprenorphine for heroin addicts ... production (possible?), timed release, genetic measures preventing abuse
  • Tinker kill switch: A part that prevents further modification to the plasmid

Meeting Notes


  • Wiki discussion on OWW
  • Email
  • Google Docs for papers and journals (Wave?)
  • Meetings (weekly now, biweekly later in April)
    • Meeting times posted on wiki homepage and notifications sent by email
    • Meeting notes put up on the wiki

Outline for Team Structure

  • President / Team Captain (Brian)
    • Organize Meetings
    • Publicity
    • Implementing strategy
    • Student contact for the team
  • Secretary (Braye and Sullivan)
    • Information distribution and managment
    • Agenda keeping
    • Keeping everyone doing what they need to be doing
  • Treasurer (Hunter)
    • Work with Biology Dept. and Provost with funding
    • Go with Brian, Dr. Rosenblum, and Dean Groetsch to The Citadel Foundation and Provost's Office for housing/stipends
    • iGEM HQ Fees (with Advisers)
    • Flights and Hotels (with Advisers)
  • Vice President for Research / Lab Manager (John)
    • Supplies, reagents (get discounts!)
    • Help grad students and profs with orders (Jonathan knows this better than we do... it'd be nice to ease up on the profs)
    • Daily lab meetings (during the summer, that is)
    • Overall research head
  • Vice President for Public Affairs (Cyrus)
    • Publicity
    • Community Outreach
    • Wiki
    • Jamboree Presentation
    • Poster
    • Publication
  • Grad Student Advisers (would be a huge plus)
    • Scientific insight, lab technique, papers, etc
    • Help with team administration, running equipment, ordering supplies
    • No more than 2 or 3 grads

Let me *Brian D. Burnley 03:09, 9 April 2010 (EDT): know if anyone isn't satisfied with their role!


  • Goal = 10 undergrads, 2 grads
  • Talk with CofC, MUSC, Trident, local private high schools (Porter Gaud, Bishop England, Academic Magnate, Wando, St. Joe's)
  • Go to Chemistry and Electrical Engineering Depts.

Short term goals

  • Training session in mid-April
  • Explain team commitments and expectations to everyone
  • Grad recruitment
  • Up to four more undergrads/high schoolies