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From the Meeting on April 13th, 2010

Homework to Do For the Meeting

  • Be thinking about project ideas.
  • Review all project information for the following teams:
    • Berkeley 2007
    • Cambridge 2009
    • MIT 2006
    • Groningen 2009

Question to ask ourselves: How can we drive these forward?

On the Agenda

  • Brainstorm project ideas -- DONE
  • Divide into iGEM research category groups -- FAIL
  • Get everyone signed up on OWW. -- DONE (except John and Cy)
  • Teach everyone how to operate a wiki. -- FAIL (until everyone has an account, no point)
  • Make plans for April Training. -- DONE (see below)
  • Arrange for future meeting times -- DONE

Meeting Notes


  • Narrow project ideas down to three or four goodies (April 19-23)
  • Select project deadline (April 27)
  • Project planning and research (April 27-mid May)
  • Begin project (early May)

Project Ideas

  • UV detection and reporting (applications for sunscreen and tanning oil)
    • Color output? Intensity dependent on UV levels?
    • How does this drive the field forward? What elements of the project would be new and interesting?
  • Trailing pond remediation.
    • A "complete package" bacteria.
      • Timekeeping mechanism, probably via Hasty et. al's quorum sensing
      • Event log
      • Multiple biosensing targets (we can go with elements already done with iGEM and look to some new ones). Plug-and-play variability.
      • Quantitative reporting that is easily obtained (no special equipment) by the researcher (think Cambridge 2009)
      • Synchronized data reporting across the colony
      • Minuscule input produces amplified, whole colony, response. (must be unique and rare!)
      • Sequestering or other remediation measure.
      • Continued reporting.
  • Bacterial timekeeper. Hours and Date.
    • Hasty et al. as a starting point.
    • Display capacity? (light, pigement)
      • Bacterial location awareness within the colony
      • Shifts to reflect passage of time (light from Hasty appears to be 5 cycles every 8-9 hours)

April Training Session

  • I will be drafting an outline of the training to be done. Brian D. Burnley 03:38, 15 April 2010 (EDT)
  • Training will cover
    • Biobrick Assembly
    • PCR
    • Transformation (chemical competency)
    • GFP Measurement (maybe)
    • Cell Culturing and Plating
  • People will be able to comment on the outline by early next week (April 19 or 20). Requesting any and all comments from professors and students.
  • End of April in the target for conducting the training session(s).