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Quad center.jpg

General Meeting

  • Wiki stuff
    • Everyone should sign up on 2010.igem.org website
      • Take advantage of the new calendar system
      • Need to transfer current website over
    • Current wiki needs a new vision
      • Francisco + Alex assembling wiki committee
  • Transform the first wave of cells
    • Pick colonies
    • Colony PCR
    • Sequence parts to validate
      • Use the Smolke sequencing network
  • Characterize promoters
    • Digest, ligate
    • Need to acquire enzymes
    • Need an PO account.
      • Email Jeanne
  • Get competent cells
  • Getting DNA
    • Assembly PCR
    • PCR from host cells
    • Synthesize de novo
  • RNA team
    • Use RNAstructure
      • Maybe use ViennaRNA or dinamelt
    • Talk to Arkin and Berkeley Postdocs
    • Finalize sRNA library
    • 9kb plasmid
  • Meeting scheudle
    • Monday morning is good for logistics
    • Group meetings for presentations
      • One person presents their work in the context of everything else
    • Journal club
    • Karina will set up a doodle