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General Overview

  • Responsible for promoting a healthy relationship between the undergraduates, faculty advisory board, graduate student mentors, and Stanford student body. This committee will act as SiGEM’s public face to the Stanford community, while coordinating internal team functions. The committee must recruit a faculty advisory board, and coordinate opportunities for faculty members to contribute to the team’s success. Thus, the committee is expected to send a brief memo to the Faculty Advisory Board once every two weeks detailing the team’s progress, and respond to all concerns and questions of faculty or graduate mentors. It is also responsible for managing all publicity initiatives on Stanford campus, and directing recruitment of undergraduates in future years through organizing SURPS/activity fair tabling.


I. Inflammation Device: Goal: To design the device that monitors and responds to inflammation.

II. Immunosuppression Device: Goal: To design the device that monitors and responds to immunosuppression.

III. Modeling Goal: To model and optimize the kinetics of these devices.

IV. Pathogenicity Goal: To identify the factors that lead E. coli to provoke an immune response from Th17 cells and design methods to preclude such pathogenicity.

V. Experimental Protocols Goal: To design specific and detailed protocols that we will follow over the summer.


Meeting Notes & Agenda