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  • 7/2 BioMod Club
    • Alexander Mitrophanov, Molecular Microbiology, Washington University. Dynamics of post-translational genetic regulation in enteric bacteria
  • 7/1 BIO-X Undergraduate Summer Talks
    • First speaker: Miriam B. Goodman, Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cellular Physiology--Her lab stdies the molecular events that give rise to the sensation of touch and temperature using C. elegans nematodes as a model system.
    • Second speaker: Geoffrey Gurtner, Professor - Med Center Line, Surgery - Plastic/Recon Surgery-- His lab is interested in understanding the mecahnism of new blood vessel growth following injury and how pathways of tissue regeneration and fibrosis interact in wound healing.
    • Third speaker: Cliff Wang, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering--His lab works to identify oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, quantify gene cooperation, and elucidate the mechanisms that govern gene cooperation.

  • 6/30 Special ICBP seminar
    • Who: Drew Endy
    • When: 3pm
    • Where: Clark Center Auditorium
    • What: "Cell Signaling and Decision Making: Where's the Bottom?
  • 6/10 Conference on Alternative Energy
    • Contact: Christopher VanLang
  • 6/1 Colloquium Series
    • Who: Christopher Voigt
    • When: 4:15pm
    • Where: Herrin Hall, Room 175
    • What: "Microbial Production of Methyl Halides: A Novel Route From Biomass to Gasoline and Gasoline and Commodity Chemicals"