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  • Meeting w/Christine from Stanford News rescheduled for next Tuesday at 2:30 pm

Daily Work


  • Continue reading papers
  • Create a personal presentation of my research to keep track of what I have found... eventually to be shared w/ the team
  • Revise protocols w/Jerome and Robert


  • Revision for Stanford Scientific Magazine and updated pictures sent in
  • Works in Progress
    • Presentation/ Tutorial on importing vBOL symbols into pwoerpoint
    • Research


Alternative Solutions


  • Meeting with Cesar 4pm Y2E2 about vBOL
    • To do:
      • Finish Mac Pwpt Tutorial
        • Need uploaded jPEG images
      • Create finalized graffle images of inducible promoters w/oval on the line
      • Work around different export formats....eps and photoshop and potential colors?
    • Decisions Made:
      • Standard Image will be the oval on the arrow line
    • Boxes will be optional- seem to have more use for "zoom-in" diagrams
    • Images will be colorless, but we will provide a recommendation key
      • Red = Terminator
      • Green = Promoter
      • others?
      • Variable images... aka "open reading frames" no recommendations- adapted for individual needs


Weekly Goals

  • Continuous research
  • Presentation Compilation