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Daily Work


  • [enter the daily team daily goals]


  • Wet-Lab
    • Gel of SoxR/S
    • Gel Extraction of SoxR/S
Gel Extraction Results of SoxR/S

  • Dry-Lab
    • [what projects occurred today?]
    • [what were the results?]


  • [what problems occurred? frustrations?]

Alternative Solutions

  • [solutions to the problems/future ideas]


  • Meet Jerome around 1:30pm..
  • FAB Meeting and Presentation
    • What Challenges have we been facing?
    • What are some possible solutions?


  • FAB Meeting Outcomes
    • Email paper about bata-carotene plasmid and we'll see what to do
    • Continue via email w/ any questions we come up with
    • Rethink modeling subgroup w/ respect to the problems of the trp pathway
      • Create an entire new group devoted to figuring out trp?
      • We need this done in 10-14 days
    • FAB meetings should be discussion based as people share difficulties and seek insight
    • Possibly, make sure graphs and diagrams have clear keys and are easy to read
      • Aka it should not be too complicated and visually understandable

Weekly Goals

  • [enter the team's weekly goals]