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Meeting Info

  • When: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 from 7:30 to 10
  • Where: Y2E2 105
  • Leaders: Nghi
  • Secretary: None

Please see the "Presentations"



1. We decided to pursue the presentations given by TEAM ALI [[1]]. Please see their page for more information.

2. For those who want to pursue Jerome's minicell project in parallel, please meet on Friday the 6th at 5:10 PM in front of Drew Endy's lab in the basement of Y2E2.

3. Isis had an announcement regarding writing letters of nomination for me (which I am slightly embarrassed about) for the Dinkelspiel Awards [[2]]. Please contact Isis and Thinh. They are organizing this mission to embarrassment me publicly before I graduate. ^_^ The deadline is April 3, 2009.

4. Good luck on finals, have a great spring break, and get ready for the final push before the summer!