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How 5x5 works

  • Find something you field/idea/thing you think is really interesting.
  • Research it - find current methods, applications, problems in this field.
  • Present it to the group
    • 5 minutes of introduction to the field/idea/thing
    • 5 minutes on problems/areas that could use some more study and how this could translate into an iGEM project
    • No more than 5 slides!
    • Post topic and slides to wiki before meeting! (Slides will be compiled into one presentation)
    • You will get ONLY 10 minutes to present.
  • At the end of all the presentations, there will be 25 minutes of brainstorming/discussion.

Sign Up

Sign Up for Leader & Secretary Positions
Date Leader Secretary
January 21 Nghi & Ariane Bobby
January 28 Nghi & Ariane Suzie
February 4 Ming Mark
February 11 Suzie Ming
February 18 Robert Robert
February 25 Nghi Ariana
March 4 Nghi None
April 1  ?  ?


Add your ideas of how the meetings should be structured here:

  1. Meeting leader rotates every week.
  2. Meeting secretary rotates every week.
  3. Each meeting will get its own wiki page.
  4. Before the meeting:
    • People post topics they want to be covered in the meeting
    • Once topics identified, someone (voluntarily or by appointment) is chosen to give a short presentation on topic to teach everyone
    • Presenter posts on meeting page: (1) how much time they will need to for presentation to help in meeting planning and (2) the presentation, at least a day ahead of meeting
    • Meeting leader creates an agenda for meeting and posts to meeting page
  5. During the meeting
    • Leader directs meeting and keeps meeting on time
    • Secretary takes notes directly on meeting page

See 1/14/09 meeting page for an example.