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  • If you care about where we live over the summer, then please post your opinion on the wiki!

Hey guys, I'm going to look further into off-campus housing. With the news that none of us got funding from Bio-X, I think this is the only affordable option.


In terms of optimizing convenience and cost-efficiency, personally I'd vote for Mirrelies. Particularly if we're going to be working in a lab and in shifts, it would be nice to not depend so heavily on rigid Caltrain or bus schedules. Also, Mirrelies doesn't require us to buy a meal plan. What do other people think? -Ariana

I think off campus would be cool - like some of the places Annie was mentioning, but it would require more work... -Robert

I decided to do 8 week housing, Mirrielees for two reasons: 1. I believe it is cheaper (i.e. w/o having to worry about food). 2. For the last two weeks, I may stay with my aunt and her family to avoid extraneous costs. -Anusuya

I would prefer to stay on campus near everything- I think it would be easier for the lab shifts and getting around. -Suzie