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Comments and Discussion

  • Can we identify a specific GPCR or class of GPCRs that we are interested in manipulating?
  • Which host organism would make the best chassis?
  • What should our GPCR be sensitive to?


Meeting Notes

  • 5/4 Small Group
    • Methods/Procedures we should familiarize ourselves with: FACS, SDS-PAGE, Western-Blotting, iron-affinity chromatography
    • The paper underscored the difficulty of expressing functional GPCRs in E. coli. Can we find other papers that have troubleshooted this? Or perhaps should we designate a sub-group to examine the activity/functionality of our GPCR while the bulk of the team works on co-expressing two GPCRs in E. coli?
    • Should we consider yeast as our chassis? What are the tradeoffs? What has been done to express GPCRs in yeast?
    • Is there necessarily a trade-off between activity and modularity? (i.e. Will the time constraint limit us to either pursuing a functional GPCR or a modular and expressed but dysfunctional GPCR plasmid?)


  • I would highly recommend looking through George Georgiou's literature to see what engineered parts he has made. - Chris
  • Thanks for the suggestion; the article for Monday's meeting is by Georgiou. Any other recommendations?