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General Overview

  • Responsible for exhausting all financial resources to obtain research funds, as delineated by the established yearly budget. In particular, will work to form and maintain relationships with venture capital firms in the Bay Area. The committee must coordinate meetings with representatives from corporations, prepare a slide deck presentation, and confirm transfer of funds. Committee members are responsible for appropriate preparation of those who will serve as team representatives in VC meetings. The committee will update the budget as necessary, and will maintain a detailed log of contacts to facilitate funding of future teams. The committee is also responsible for obtaining funds from the University, such as: ASSU, VPUE, etc.


Meeting Notes & Agenda

  • 05/04/09
    • SSE Venture: May 17th. Check to make sure that iGEM is something they would consider funding.
    • NIH Grants
    • Identify other foundations in this area
    • Should each person be responsible for a few foundations/companies to get in contact with?
    • Also, we have to take advantage of Stanford contacts with organizations. Should we go through School of Medicine, School of Engineering? Ask Dr. Endy to help us reach out to other faculty members in the School of Engineering (esp Paul Yock).
    • Look into contacting the companies that are giving money to Bio-X.
    • Nghi's goal for the week: set up meetings with Drs. Endy and Yock.
    • tasks:
      • 1. NIH grants--if we haven't yet missed the deadline, look into applying to them.
      • 2. Reach out to larger companies and foundations--Amgen, Genzyme, Yahoo, Facebook, Gates Foundation, etc. See if they have specific programs and try to reach out to them.
      • 3. Follow up with other programs within Stanford to see what the status of our funding applications are.
      • 4. Check out SSE. Email them to see if we qualify.
      • 5. Follow up with Genentech.
      • 6. One hour of researching other targets to request funding from.
      • 7. Career Development Center.
    • For Next Week: Suzie: NIH grants, talk to DM leaders about where they received their funding; Ariana: Career Development Center, talk to Anusuya about Genentech—talk about career fair days—is there a list of the most recent one?; Leon: ASSU—email Thinh to find out what’s going on; Ming: check out SSE, see if we qualify; Nghi and Thinh: Agilin; Mark: look online for possible donors

Potential Source of Funding