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Main Calendar

To Do: Wednesday


  • grow up cultures (inculate) of RP437 and RP3087 with GFP for Chris
  • inculate cultures of C0051, R0010+motB, motB, R0051, etc.
  • make swarm plates to test newly transformed parts (saturated HSL vs. no HSL)
  • inculate cultures of IIRmotB in pSB4A3 and test on plates




  • Check plates in the morning and inoculate cultures for plate reading after 10, 24, and 48 hours if possible.
  • Work on getting GFP from the Hancock lab for the calibration of the plate reader
  • Work on modeling
  • Dance a little



  • Innoculate pLacIq+B0030/31/34+C0012
  • restrict sender, new GFP+AAV receivers; ligate & transform<
  • submit sequencing plate
  • get GFP, measure C via Abs., (make standard fluorescence curve)
  • make some SOB or tell someone else to do it
  • clone w/Deepti, Jon, (Natalie?)
  • Win trivia


  • Clone w/Lane